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The following list is organized by subject, then by chronology. Please contact Dan Roy if you would like to contribute.

Probability theory

MR0637937 Aldous, David J. Representations for partially exchangeable arrays of random variables. J. Multivariate Anal. 11 (1981), no. 4, 581–598.

  • Errata (pg 587, line -8) Corollary 2.15(b) should be 2.5(b).
  • (pg 588, line 1) Reference to (2.16) probably should be to (2.6).
  • (pg 588) Proof of Lemma 2.18, references integrating correctly over generating rectangles. To replicate this argument, consider the conditional expectation, with respect to \alpha^\star, of 1_{F_1\cap F_2\cap F_3} E^{\alpha^*,W_j}\phi(V_j) and 1_{F_1\cap F_2\cap F_3} E^{\alpha^*,W_i;i\ge1}\phi(V_j), using the fact that E^{\mathcal F} E^{\mathcal G} \xi = E^{\mathcal F} \xi for sub-s-algebras \mathcal F \subseteq \mathcal G. See FMP, Thm 6.1.
  • Errata (pg 588, line -10) Z_i=(R_i^+,R_i^-) should be Z_i=(R_i^+,R_i^-,C_i^-).

MR1880234 Seidenfeld, Teddy; Schervish, Mark J.; Kadane, Joseph B. Improper regular conditional distributions. Ann. Probab. 29 (2001), no. 4, 1612–1624.

  • Errata See for errata and clarifications involving definition 6, the definition of Borel spaces, Theorem 4 and Lemma 3.
  • Errata (pg 1618, line 19) Equation in Example 4 should read P(\{x'\} | \mathcal A)(\omega) instead of P(x' | \mathcal A)(\omega).


  • [FMP] MR1876169 Kallenberg, Olav Foundations of modern probability. Second edition. Probability and its Applications (New York). Springer-Verlag, New York, 2002. xx+638 pp. ISBN: 0-387-95313-2

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